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Tony Wedel, General Manager, Jeff and Chris McMannis, Owners. Tony Wedel, General Manager, Jeff and Chris McMannis, Owners.

McMannis Duplication and Fulfillment offers:

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McMannis Duplication and Fulfillment, Inc., is a provider of duplicated CDs, DVDs, and cassettes, product fulfillment and direct mailing for clients and businesses in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the UK and Australia. Launched by Jeff and Chris McMannis as a part time, cassette only business in 2002, the company has evolved into a thriving, full service one stop shop with over 250 regular customers since their son in law Tony Wedel became General Manager in 2005.

After working in various levels of Human Resources positions with Cargill, Inc., Wedel saw an opportunity to grow McMannis into a full service mailing and product fulfillment business. While the company in 2004 produced a total of over three million cassette tapes for several clients, he saw a tremendous up front need to expand to CD and DVD duplication. Once he realized the extensive needs of the company’s information marketing clients, he incorporated the other services to become a veritable one stop shop.

McMannis’ list of media products currently includes DVD duplication, CD duplication, cassette duplication, a complete line of packaging direct mail, hand insertion, personalization, special customization and multiple shipping options. Total fulfillment services include direct mail, customer service, database management, order processing and fulfillment providing complete business solutions.

These days, McMannis’ clientele includes many professional people and organizations—doctors, lawyers, chiropractors, real estate investors—but its earliest clients were generally information marketers who sold CD and DVD products based on their concepts like “How To Make Money In Real Estate” and “21 Steps to Create Your Own Ebay Store.” Through one of these early customers, Wedel connected with the marketing director of Dan Kennedy (“The Millionaire Maker”) and Bill Glazer’s Insider’s Circle. Through the relationship with GKIC, McMannis attended their annual SuperConference’s and Information Marketing Summit’s as an exhibitor, able to offer our services to individuals who were starting up their own information marketing businesses.

Wedel shares his expertise in a chapter on Direct Mail in the new book “ROI Marketing Secrets Revealed,” in which over 30 of today’s top marketing experts share their knowledge with business owners hoping to crack the code and generate revenue beyond their wildest dreams. One of the secrets he reveals is the importance of “partnering with a company that truly engages in your business.”

Some might see a slight irony in Wedel’s contributing to a book on marketing when most of McMannis’ business has come not from a large outlay of marketing dollars but from strong word of mouth. But that success just speaks to the area of expertise he contributes to the book—the art of helping his clients succeed themselves by a hands on, proactive approach towards not simply filling orders but actively engaging in their business. He cites that and the development of what he terms a “turnkey” system as the two secrets to McMannis’ exponential growth in just a few years.

“Our referral clients are generally those with a likeminded entrepreneurial spirit who are grateful to have a resource like us that they can call on,” says Wedel. “It’s very personal and personality driven. We have a strategic account adviser who works with our clients’ marketing, advertising, business manager, whoever, so they have that one person who can deliver everything for them across their business. It’s about building strong relationships that can bring about repeat business and strong referrals.

“Once you have that personal relationship,” he adds, “it’s easy to become engaged in their business. We want them to succeed because then they can offer their own customers more and they will in turn need more of what we offer. When we first meet our clients, we ask them to tell us about their business—what are you interested in? What do you need? We dissect the services that we can provide. With a turnkey system, you literally call one person to deliver many products. One flip of the ignition switch and everything is done. We fulfill the order, we ship the products and it’s done. About three fourths of our customers take advantage of more than one of our services, and that’s exactly what we hope for.”

Wedel’s time at Cargill taught him many valuable lessons about how to deal with a diversity of people, fulfilling their unique needs and creating what he calls a “value proposition” by really engaging them in the business process.

“My years at Cargill were very instructive,” he says. “I learned about understanding people and truly delivering and exceeding expectations. If you’re not co-engaged in people’s business, then the marketing pieces you create for them may not succeed. If the product is not delivered how they want it when they want it, nobody is happy. The human element is very important. As is realizing that you get what you pay for. Time and again, I have seen businesses go after products and services like the kind I offer but on the cheap. They often get burned. They offer the lowest price, but their vendors are late, the product’s not on time…and if the mailings show up on Tuesday and not Thursday, the company may only pull in 15% of their potential client list instead of achieving a 40% lead conversion. That’s a lost ROI of 25%.

“Being part of our client’s business,” he adds, “means we know when they’re doing their monthly mailings, we’re checking up on them, reminding them of their upcoming marketing campaigns, asking what they need as a follow-up and generally being proactive about our business and theirs.”

The most fulfilling aspect of Wedel’s work with McMannis is the opportunity to watch his clients start up their own businesses like he did five years ago and being able to provide them the tools and resources to make them successful.